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« The difference from all the other floors is abysmal. You managed to join characteristics that aren't usual to combine.There's no secrets nor tricks. »


6 times elected: Best Futsal Player in the World

« Best Futsal Floor is an amazing floor. I've already played all around the world and this is the best floor where I played on. This floor doesn't have too much grip and therefore avoids the risk of injuries, achieving a perfect combination of these three characteristics: the speed of the ball, the grip on the floor and the comfort when playing. »

Doug Reed

English Futsal Player

« Now we have the luxury and privilege of having this floor for us, for our league and internal competitions. It's another level, the ball slides much better and the grip on the floor is totally different. It was really a big step forward, in terms of quality, it's a spectacular floor. Of course it's a reason to be proud, the material is ours and what is Portuguese should be praised. We have quality here and this is one more proof of that. »

João Matos

Portuguese National Futsal Team

« For us as athletes, when we get somewhere to play, we want to have a suitable environment to play in. And for sure this is the best floor (Best Futsal Floor) that we have to develop our futsal, it is an official floor and that is why it is used in big competitions, something that is very important and motivating for us as players. »


Russian Football Team

It's a good floor (Best Futsal Floor), it has a good grip, allows good transfers and, for example, on other floors it's very difficult to play and on this floor I can't say that. I recommend this floor to everyone, there's nothing to say, it's top.

Landry N'Gala

ACCS Futsal

« I see many advantages, as for the comfort of playing. So it's very important to have this sports floor, besides having only the Futsal markings, which ends up helping us to concentrate on the game. I know that the floor is new, it's Portuguese and we have to bet more on us because we are a great country with great players. »

André Coelho

Portuguese National Team