- Driven by Passion, Powered by Innovation -

About Us

Who we are

Driven by the passion for Sports, and powered by the will of innovation  is the better way to define us

To create added value solutions that are not more of the same, contributing in this way in our social responsibility to help create better sports infrastructures for Sports that people will love and adopt a healthier lifestyle

Why we are

Our team has many former athletes, sports venues managers, architects, engineers, club owners, etc..

We got you!!

We understand your needs!!

We speak your same language!!

We have been in your shoes…and sometimes we still are, and this is why we know how to create added value solutions

What we do

Our aligned vision with one of the most innovative person of our century (Steve Jobs), is something that is present in our everyday work and in every product we develop.

We are not just another company

We don´t do more of the same

From our decades of experience, from users feedback and with our outstanding team we develop added value solutions that everyone recognizes advantages

Who Choose Us

From inumerous city halls, schools, clubs up to the most high and demanding competitions like LNFS (Best Futsal League in the world, Portuguese Football Federation (Current European Champion), French Football Federation, UEFA Futsal cup (Elite Round), all of them have decided they want nothing but the best for their venues or events, and all of them choose Inov4Sports

Our Team

Putting together a team where every single element has an obsessive passion for Sports, and at the same time wants to continue to do new thing´s, to create value, to provide solutions that provides feelings to the users that they didn´t expected to be possible…it was not easy!! But once we gathered together, with different types of knowledge from former athletes to engineers, passing trough designers, architects, sales and experienced installers, etc… and we put them all working together the result is great concentrated knowledge added value solutions

We want to work with you

Give us the possibility of proofing you the added value of our solutions