Who We Are

About Us

We are a company that works in the Sports Industry always  with the mission to generate added value solutions either from the products we develop  or trough our services


Putting together our patented products with our experience and knowledge with some of the best Sports organizations in the world we propose a real strong and long lasting Partnership to those who want to take their Sport one step forward

Turn Key Solution

Our products were developed specific for the purpose of enhancing Sports in a way that combined with knowledge and strategy will create an unique identity that it will stand out of all of the others Sports. We supply not only the tools but also the knowledge for you to be sucessefull

Added Value

All of the tools we provide have one thing in common - They provide outstanding added value that everyone recognizes. This added value combined with the years experience becomes the right and strongest solution for you bring your Sports one step forward

Our story

We were challenged by some of best Sports organizations in the world to develop solutions that would allow to generate value to their Sports on a way that would stand out their Sports much more than the others existing Sports on their countries

Due to the knowledge acquired with this distinct entities with different profiles we were asked by more entities to share our experience and our products at their service to obtain the same great results we produced in the past, and Sports Facilities Consulting was born