Why Wall4Sports?

More than 30 sports

With more than 30 Sports and Games adapted to our structure with our patented rules, Wall4Sports adds value to the way sports and conventional games are played.


The aluminum frame has a 15 year anti-corrosion guarantee, as well as the polypropylene sports floor .

Low maintenance costs

It is a multi sports arena that does not require high maintenance costs.

Innovative and unique

It is an innovative and unique concept, configurable goals system (large or small goal), central network with customizable heights, basketball hoops, etc …Wall4Sports is patented!It has an innovative design.

Simple or Covered?

In addition to the manual system you have two more systems that you can choose:


This system allows, to make a total control of the arena, in the level of accesses and also with regard to markings and reserves of field. Integrated APP!


This system allows, open or close the doors, as well as configure the goals.

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