The Multisports
Venue that is conquering everyone

The real Multisports Space that requires only about 200m2, includes Outdoor Comfort Plus Sports Flooring System,backed-up with a 15 years limited warranty and outstanding aesthetics

We will give you the reasons

Why Wall4Sports

Why is it Wall4Sports the best solution for your space

Innovative technology

Using and aluminum structure, Outdoor Comfort Plus Sports Flooring, LED lights and high resistance glass walls on the total perimeter, this is an unique outstanding space

Really Multisports

More than 30 Sports/Games can be played inside Wall4Sports adapted to our own rules using the boards as a way to provide more intensity and therefore more fun


Everything is completely portable, the structure, the Sports Flooring, the Leds wich is and amazing feature that allows you to protect your investment as you can take it somewhere else when you feel the need

Low Maintenance

Since we use an aluminum structure backed up with 15 years limited warranty, and also our Outdoor Comfort Plus Sports Flooring system the maintenance is not much more than cleaning and checking some screws for time to time

Contemporary Aesthetics

The clean look, the details of the aluminum structure, the led decoration and Led Sports Light makes it and outstanding contemporary Sports venue that will be well framed in every enviroment

Small Space Needed

Our standard dimension (we can build custom dimensions as well) is 20 x 10 mt that means that we only need 200 m2. As an example on an tennis court we can fit in up to 3 x Wall4Sports


We can fully customize our Wall4Sports with your brand making an great way to show your brand with the most multisports venue in the world. From the color of the Sports Floor to all the branding we can do it

15 Anos Garantia

We use only the best materials and this means than we provide a 15 years limited warranty to the aluminum structure and to the Sports Flooring being this a structure that is built to last for many and many years

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Why Should You Choose Wall4Sports?


Either on our standard dimensions (20 x 10 mt) or with a custom dimension Wall4Sports can be placed everywhere

Real MultiSports

More than 30 Sports/Games played adapted to use our perimeter high impact glass wall, that makes the sports you know well to be played with more intensity and therefore much more fun

Not More Of The Same

Innovate your Sports Spaces and find out (like many have already did) that Wall4Sports works has a magnet not only for kids but for people of all ages putting more and more people to practice Sports


Ultimate experience
with intensity, emotion
and FUN

The combination of the Multisports played in a more fun and intense way, combined with a contemporaneous architectural look makes Wall4Sports a certain of success for your users



A Sports Venue that doens´t
let anyone indifferent

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Intellectual Property

Protected by the laws of intellectual property

We take our intellectual property very serious and Wall4Sports concept, Design, rules and all the legal issues are protected by the laws of intellectual property



By having perimeter glass (high impact resistance ) walls, it assures that the ball is in play more time, cutting the death times, increasing intensity and adding value to the existing Sports you know but making them more FUN

Also by using the perimeter walls as a part of the game it stimulates the creativity of the users and improves their neuromuscular coordination skills making a funny experience



The smallest Multisport Outdoor in the world

Uncovered Wall4Sports

Multipurpose Covered Mini Gym/Multipurpose Room

Covered Wall4SPorts

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The missing piece on your project

Integrated Sports Concepts

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