Because high quality Sports centers do not need to be expensive

The Concept – Super Courts Covered Sports Centers

This is a concept of Roofing and Sports Pavilions. Your sports center can now be covered or completely enclosed. Physical activity is no longer dependent on climatic conditions.

Why should you choose our Super Courts?

Without costing millions (as is normal in masonry pavilions)

Optimized solution for sport

Choose from several sports surfaces

Turnkey Solution
(a single supplier)

Lights optimized for your sport

Various infrastructure models (simples to fully covered)

Choose your model!


This is the simplest model, just coverage.
It contemplates the infrastructure, sports surface and led lights.

Net & Goal

The model that is the evolution of the previous, contemplating the infrastructure, net all around, the goals, sports surface and Led lights.


Another evolution of the Net & Goal model, which contemplates the infrastructure, protection net, tables (1 meter), Sports Floor and Led Lights.

Full Covered

This is the typical sports pavilion. Completely closed. Sports Infrastructure, sports floors and equipment and Led Lights.

Whether it’s a root solution or a rehabilitation of an already discovered space, our Super Courts models are the solution for you. Designed to fit different needs and requirements as well as adaptable to each specific budget, Super Courts are the solution for the creation of covered sports grounds or sports halls

Your space, our arenas Super Courts

Our Super Courts solutions allow the creation of Multipurpose, Multi-sport or just for a specific sport. Through the selection of our pre-selected equipment allows us to endow your new space with an eclecticism where for example a Multi Sports space can in a matter of hours become a venue for shows without additional costs and without damaging the equipment in your space .

Explain your need, we'll help you find a right solution.

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