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Indoor Comfort Plus

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  • More comfort
  • More bio mechanic protection (lateral and vertical)
  • More architectural support
  • Triple fittings
  • Area elastic designed
  • Shock Pads built in
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Polipropiplene tiles of3d generation


The unique construction that designed to provide the real elastic comfort for, not only the vertical elastic behavior but also lateral elastic. Designed has we would do for an area elastic floor, the built in shock pads upgrades the level of the standard polypropylene tiles market. Get to know the innovative product that is revolutionizing the Sports Flooring Industry


Developed and tested according to the most demanding European Standards for Sports Floorings

Several different and demanding tests are performed to our floors in order to confirm the level of achievement to achieve the requirements of the EN14904


Up Side

What you get more

Perfect Grip

Special finishing to assure the perfect level of grip, and to make it easy to clean

Triple Fittings

The triple fittings assure the best  and more resistant fixation between pieces

Lateral Absorption

Due to our special Biomechanic built in system, it assure not only vertical but also lateral shock absorption

Various Colors

We can produce your floor in any color you desire, beside the standard color chart we present


Our Process



5 triple fixing systems on each side of the tile that assures more fixing grip and long lasting fitting system durability


Pressurized Shock Pads

Our Shock pads are not only flexible, but pressurized inside for a level of comfort like never before


Adjusted Wheigt

The 4 small pillars on the base of the shock pads allow less weight users (Like children) to feel the right comfort for their weight


Vertical and Lateral Absorption

The existing shock pads on the fittings allow not only the vertical elastic absorption, but also the unique lateral elastic absorption that minimizes the risk of injuries


Developed as an area elastic floor

Instead of underlayments (either in roll or in pieces), our technology was based in the same systems used in the wood floor to provide a similar level of behaviour


100% Humidity Resistance

Due to the materials we use, our floors can be in permanent contact with water that no damage will ever occur by humidity or water

Down Side

Elastic pressurized Gel Shock Pads provide comfort like never before

Pressuized Shock Pads

Elastic pressurized Gel Shock Pads provide comfort like never before

Weight Adjust

Specially thought out because of the young ones, the 4 small base shock pads adjust themselves to provide comfort to the lighter ones

Load Distribution

Equitable Shock Pads distribution (including in the fittings) assures the right load bearing distribution

100% Humidity Resistant

Our high quality materials allow that our sports floor to be in permanent contact with water or humidity without any damage

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Why can not a PP Sports FloorHave an identical behaviour like area elastic floors?

Our Do


WIth our systems…YES, IT CAN

  • Multi Point distributed Shock Pads
  • Pressurized Shock Pads
  • Shock Pads in the entire perimeter


Our Unique Systems

Dynamic Stabilizacion

IDSS system was developed in order to minimize the expand & contraction of the sports flooring. By using our shock pads in our special fittings, we assure that the contraction and expand natural movement is firstly absorbed by the elastic material and only after by the piece itself minimizing the movement

Load Bearing Distribution

Due to special design, our Pressurized Gel Shock Pads are distributed equality on each piece in order to assure the right load bearing distribution, including in fittings. This feature provides a resemblance of the elastic area sports floors (wood sports floors) to our sports floors

Pressurized Shock Pads

The PGSPS system grants an outstanding level of comfort, never before reached in this type of Sports Floors and that minimize the risk of injuries. This is achieved by the pressurized shock pads built in every piece that makes you feel the not only the elastic material of the shock pad, but also the air chamber existing inside

Triple Fixing System

3xTFS system was design to provide extra strength on the connection between pieces, that is of huge importance for the correct behavior of the planimetry of the sports floor and that assures a longer life span in the right conditions

Extreme Humidity Resistance

EHR system assures that our floor can resist to the presence of highest level of humidity without not producing any damage on the sports floor. Extremely useful feature not only for cleaning processes but also in case of any accidents

Lateral Elastic Absorption

ELAS system was developed to assure the minimum impact on lateral movements, by using one special fitting into a shock pad existing in every fitting that provides an lateral elastic absorption that minimizes the risk of injuries


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